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Wow i insulted you by saying you dont know anything about phones?? that got you all heated? pls tell me you got a pair cuz you sound like a lil girl...wait are you a female?? I can just see you get all heated and red in the face just from reading my post..wow unbelievable.

If you read back to the first post you replied to..you said i was whining..pls take that back cuz you just insulted me and im sad now...ha! whatever its all good even if you call me an ass and pompous it really doesnt matter..you will have your views about this phone and i will have mine..so pls stop being a tuff guy behind a keyboard.. oh dont bother replyin to this cuz i wont read it..i dont want to be insulted
Wow...that was being a tough guy and you are calling ME a girl? :-)
Just remember YOU are the one telling someone they don't know about phones and then asking that same person for advice. What amazing logic. You are right we will each have our own views, just stop from misleading people by saying the only good thing about the phone is the screen and then making half true comments about other things.