Wanting to buy/test captivate - Best option?

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Thread: Wanting to buy/test captivate - Best option?

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    Wanting to buy/test captivate - Best option?

    I've been dying to upgrade from my ever outdating Blackberry Bold. Since I am on AT&T my options are limited but I want to steer clear from the Iphone and nothing that RIM has out attracts me at al right nowl, including the new but outdated BB Torch. I am also in a family plan that I cannot leave. I've seen the Captivate and I've been doing two weeks of research and lurking XDA amongst other android forums including this one.

    I've come to the point where I've decided I definitely want to get the Captivate but I'm still on the fence due to all of the negatives I read. I understand the phone has many positives though and I've spent a good hour or two in the store playing with it. I have two options at this point:

    1) Buy the phone at AT&T and extend my contract. This will cost about $200 and I will be grandfathered into my unlimited data. I will have 30 days to "test" the phone out and if I don't like it I will be forced to choose another phone. I won't be able to go back to my Bold because the AT&T rep said I will lose my unlimited data, which is something I want to completely avoid. Worst case if I bring the Captivate back I could go back to another Blackberry (Torch or a newer Bold)

    2) I found a few locals selling new captivates for $350-$400ish. Although more expensive than option 1, I won't be locked into a contract or forced to choose another phone if I don't like the Captivate. Once the other half of my family plan's contract is up I will then decide if I want to stick with AT&T or go elsewhere. If I end up not liking the Captivate I can just sell it off online or locally and think of a new solution. My only concern is my unlimited data. The AT&T rep said I *may or may not* be able to retain my unlimited data when activating a Captivate this way and that is up to customer service. He was kind of vague about this and it worries me because I don't want to drop $350 on a Captivate and lose my data. Has anyone done this option and successfully gotten to keep their unlimited data?

    Sorry for the wall of text but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do the upgrade. Even canceling your contact early would cost less than buying the phone outright. Also, the negatives are being fixed in updates.

    Not to mention if something happens to the phone at&t is more inclined to getting it replaced if bought from them.

    Just something to think about.

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    What is the cancellation fee for AT&T?

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    I think it is $325

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    Have you played around with the other Android Phones that work with AT&T? I think you have to take in consideration the amount of support the Captivate has from the dev community vs the other Phones. It's growing and I think will get more support in the future. Not to mention, it's a great phone! The Aria is a very good phone, just a tad to small for me and my big fingers and bad eyes. I have yet to see the new Sony X10. I like and have a Nexus One, so picking up one used might be another good option?

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    Yeah go for option #1. The positives greatly override the negatives.
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