I just got my captivate, an upgrade from my blackjack ii, and needless to say im astounded how far tech has come... but this isnt just about swooning over a phone, i am looking for a specific live wallpaper that i cant seem to find on the droid market. The one im referring to is called neural network, with red lines on a grid... i have the nexus one but it just doesnt do the trick i guess.

the one im referring to can be found in this vid at around 4:50 -

ive seen another ver. with a red droid in the bg, i'd like to find one w/o it if possible. also it doesn't need to be free, i just wanna find it.

thanks in advance

edit: sorry i got here through a link and the noob in me didn't realize there was a section for this up the tree, i will move it there.