so my dad got a captivate i have had a backflip. He wanted to know if i could make the phone voice dial but after some research i found it wasnt possible unless u use an app. I asked him what his gmail was but he forgot it cause he uses his own companies email more often. at the time he was to busy to make another so i said "let me use mine"

long story short
he finally made his account and i decided to remove mine and unfortunately when i go to remove my account (my email) it says its not possible without a factory restore. now my backflip when i did a restore brought back my contacts and their groupings ect. (he is worried he will loose them all.

so im asking what would the restore remove and is it possible to forcefully remove the account from the phone thank you

also what about purchased items he bought one but i am not sure how that would work as i never bought on the market :/ ????????