I currently have a Samsung Captivate (SGH-i897). I love this phone and have not had any serious issues till now. I am running 2.2 and all was well until one day I noticed that my phone was three hours off. It is as if the time lags out. However I can put the phone in airplane mode, wait a minute and once I turn it off the problem is fixed for roughly 20-30 minutes. I've also noticed that if I leave it plugged into the charger it does not have this issue. So I took out the battery, did a factory restore but today I snapped when it happened again. I thought to connect to the PC and check for updates but my PC won't even recognize the phone. So I did a hard reset and it seemed to work for about an hour and now it is doing it again :mad: I am about to cast Firaga on my phone! It is a minor issue considering everything works as normal but it causes my text messages to get out of sync and makes it impossible to use as an alarm clock!

Please help me! I am sorry if I somehow missed a forum topic about this but I google'd and searched forums with no luck