We just moved 2 miles down the road in the middle of a wide flat valley, and now we're about 2 miles from the tower. We get 0 to 1 bars, barely can make calls, no 3g, and our phones will only switch to the verizon tower to roam when they feel like it and the data throughput is ridiculus, like dial up. After wasting hours with everyone at Sprint from tech to super duper negotiatiors and being told every possible scenerio for why we're not getting service, a non suspecting tech lady told me that the tower isw only running at like 20 percent, instead of 90 like it should be, whatever that means. Most og the Sprint reps flat lied about everyhting,, like saying we should take our phones to the sprint store because they're malfuctioning. I threatened to cancel and demanded that our termination fees be waived for all the lies and wasting my time, and that I wanted to keep the phone I paid 300 some dollars for. total nightmare. They want to send out some device that works over internet voice over ip through a router but no guarantee that it will work with microwave satellite internet which our only option. We're thinking verizon but i'm curious about making it work on their network. Sprint ticket support said hardware and software would prevent it. Anyone out there that can help, I would greatly appreciate it!