I've been on Sprint's network with the Samsung Galaxy S2 since april 2012. So far-great camera, gps navigation and gorgeous screen. However, I've been having such a poor sound quality that I came to hate talking on the phone. The device heats up really fast to a point I get a headache from holding it up against my ear. When switching to speakerphone it sounds lousy, I can barely hear the other person and they can almost never hear me. Not to mention the lousy network that Sprint provides these days. This phone has been a nightmare to use as a phone. anyone else had the same problem? Any suggestions for improving the sound quality of phone calls??? Please share! also-recently battery life had gone down significantly. I need to charge about twice a day and I don't even use the phone much. Have been doing a full charge on the battery from 0 to 100% before turning the device on, but no improvement whatsoever. My last frustration with this device is typing. It absolutely sucks! text editing has been a nightmare, the cursor seems to have a mind of its own, texting, emailing, writing any text in general has been really clumsy even with the swype feature. I used to have a blackberry and I just loved how fast and nimble email on that puppy was. With the galaxy phone writing an email has turned into a big hassle and I really need to stay on top of communication. perhaps if I was a gamer I would've made a better use of this device. is it just me or this phone is just not designed for communicating the human way???