i gotta say had the palm pre and it had no spell check - drove me crazy.. a buddy of mine had the motorola droid and it had excellent spell check that would pop up with spelling options and i was like - great.. seems like android platform has what i need.. Hmmmmm I think i got it wrong...it was motorola and not andoroid. i cannot find any spell check feature on my epic.. does it have one? Can Samsung possibly have madee a smart phone without spell check? i have seen some reviews of spell check apps but they are lame like you cant use swype and have to use a new keyboard then it wont work with the slide out kepyboard or you have to type in a general program then spell check then cut and paste your typed area into your email or text app... Can anyone help.. does this thing have spell check - the operations manual doesnt even have "spell" listed in its index... any info will help.. thanks