Hello Everyone!

I want to install Chrome browser in my phone to do webRTC through www.videolink2.me, interestingly, my phones cannot install the browser app. I tried it with my other Android devices with models s100 and s280, both are working fine and can access the microphone and the front camera of these phones (they were running 4.0.4 version). But the S3 mini ought to be better than the two and should be the first to do the excellent job in helping me do web conference in my phone. I am wondering as to what might be the problem. I cannot think of a problem in the hardware or its OS. I really need my S3 to be working, and I cannot think of a better free service than videolink2.me. Perhaps, for the moment, I'll try the Firefox browser. My sister used her Firefox browser in her laptop, when we had our conference last time, and it went fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.