Small doesn't always mean cheapest, but in many cases it can mean attractive and portable. In this case, it means affordable too, as the weak components needed to fit it together end up characterizing the Samsung S5570 as a low-end Android smartphone.

Entry-level phones do quite well in the mass market, seeing that most of the customer purchase power lies with the lower middle-class, of course, depending on what country the manufacturer is dealing with. Generally speaking, touchscreen handsets that are cheap have high succcess rates, and there are many proofs of that.
The handset has a Qualcomm processing giving it 600MHz in clock-speed; a 3 megapixel camera with no flash, a 3.14" touchscreen display with 240x320 pixels in resolution, and even regular smartphone features, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA and FM radio with RDS.

Only 160MB of storage are provided on-board, but Samsung compliments that with a 2GB microSD memory card.
The Galaxy Mini and HTC Wildfire S curiously share the weight aspect, both weighing a comfortable 105g. The price point should be another feature that will be shared when both are made available worldwide.
The resolution is once again of the few areas of complaint, as screens that measure at least 3" should have a higher pixel density. What compensates and will probably make the Galaxy S5570 a success story is the trendy look, with colourful sides and a friendly overall design.