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Thread: Support pls, various minor questions

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    Support pls, various minor questions

    1) I can add new mail accounts using the "mail by Samsung" stock app. How do I modify or delete email accounts please? No menu options apparently for these choices.

    2) Is there an app that I can download which allows you to save a macro of sequential keystrokes to be activated by a single click on the home screen? I wanted for example one which in a single click would have the effect of:
    Wireless and networks
    Mobile netwoks
    Use packet data (on/off)
    return to homescreen

    3) under Settings/Wireless and networks/Mobile networks there is an option "Use only 2G networks". Can someone give me any examples of situations in which a user might wish to select this option? I assume that there must be some such situations or they wouldn't bother to give you the choice.

    4) I tried to set up Orange Messenger (stock app) and failed on error message "Client ID does not match User ID". I don't understand the terms. The setup system only requires that I enter an email address and password. So how to I determine my Client ID and how do I determine my User ID, that I can correct the mismatch?

    5) I note that in order to enable the firewall in my security software (not stock app) I am required to root the phone. Done some reading around and it looks horrendously complicated. Before I consider whether to invest the time, would this invalidated warranty?

    6) I can't work out how to save as templates a set of phrases that I commonly use in text messages, so that when creating new text messages I can then insert a saved phrase or sentence from a list without having to retype it each time. My previous, older generation phone had this facility, and it is so basic I feel sure it must be there somewhere. Any ideas, please?

    All for now, thanks for any help, if I think of any other probs will surely come here.
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    Hello! to the forum!

    I will try to answer some of your questions to the best of my abilities here.

    1: I have no idea, so hopefully someone else will be able to assist you here. If that won't work, try one of the many email applications in the market like k9mail.

    2: Look in the market for any of the widgets that allow you to access your mobile data. I'm assuming you wish to shut your mobile data connection off. Would this be so you can us ea WiFi connection?

    3: Possibly to save power or avoid roaming fees -- or maybe just to avoid overdoing the data use -- if it's not strictly for compatibility with a specific carrier.

    4: I use eBuddy so I would be of little use to you on this one.

    5: Yes. And be pointless just to enable a firewall. If you require one for business use then you should contact the software developer or either your IT department (assuming you work for a company that has one) or Samsung directly and ask about alternatives

    6: Look into ChompSMS or Handcent on the Market. They have far greater functionality than the stock app.

    I hope I was of some help. If not, I apologize. Hopefully someone else can be of better aid to you.

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    Ja, that was helpful, thank you.

    I was not expecting a single complete answer to all the questions - every little helps.

    I did notice that when I create a text message there is a button in the shape of a paperclip which, when clicked, prompts me to add an attachment, one option being to add a memo (stock app). So I tried the effect of saving a text string to a memo, then attaching that memo to a text message. Only problem is, when I attempt it I get an error message "Unsupported media type - select different media". Well, duh! if it doesn't support it, why offer the tempting option?

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