Hi guys.

I'm kinda at my wits end here and have been searching far and wide but have thus far been unable to resolve my issue. My wife now has a Note2 (N7105) as her work phone, as a replacement for her B'Berry. Unfortunately there are two glaring issues which are creating some havoc for her (and me because I have no idea how to fix them).

1. I've created an Exchange Activesync account and it syncs up to her work email no problems at all. However, all of the sub-folders she has created on her email account, which are able to be opened via the email program on her laptop, are not displayed or accessible on the Note2. The bizzare thing is, if I go to Email--> Settings-->"her account"--> Folder sync settings, it displays all of those subfolders there. But all I can do there is adjust the Peak/Off-peak schedule and Period to sync email. I'm completely unable to access the saved emails normally found in those folders.

2. She loves the S Planner due to its ability to employ the S Pen. The issue is whenever she creates an event using her laptop calendar, those events display without any problems, but she is unable to edit the event at all.

I've been to several forums, as well as the Samsung support people, but noone appears to be able to enlighten me.

Can anyone offer up any suggestions as to how I may be able to sort this issue out once and for all?