After recording some wonderful clips by Galaxy S 2, I always want to play them on PS3 via DLNA for sharing with your friends, family or colleague. But how to realize it? After several attempts, I can achieve it successfully. Maybe u also encountered similar problem, so I share my own experience with you.

First of all, u need to ensure that the movies can be supported by ps3. Initial I directly stream the recorded 3GP clips to PS3 via DLNA, but ps3 can't play it. so I found specification of PS3, and know it only supports limited formats, like mp4, avi, divx. In this case, convert the 3GP files to PS3 adopted formats is needed. They are several tools I have tried, like Handbrake, Formatfactory, Foxreal Video Converer, etc. I finally select Foxreal tool, which easy-to-use and give PS3 independent profile.

Part I, Convert video to PS3 supported format;
Step one, stream Galaxy S 2 recorded movies to your PC,;
Step two, run foxreal video converter, and click on “Format < PSP/PS3 < PS3 Video(720P)MPEG-4(*.mp4)” as output format, and click on "Convert" button.
Step three, once the conversion is completed, transfer generated files to Galaxy S 2.

Part II, use DLNA function to stream videos from Galaxy S 2 to PS3.(This part come from: How to Use DLNA Function of Samsung Galaxy S 2 - Tablet & Smartphone FAQ)

Firstly, open DLNA function;
Step one, Open your smartphone and click on “Setting” in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step two, Choose “Wireless and network” to enter the setting interface.

Step three, Choose “Wi-Fi Settings” and you can enter Wi-Fi setting interface. Just check “Wi-Fi” and select Wi-Fi networks. Here you need to ensure that your Galaxy S 2 and PS3 must be in one WiFi digital network. If necessary, entering a pass word for the network is needed.

Secondly, Use skifta app to control and play videos, music or picture.
Since my handset is Knockoff, which don’t have AllShare app. So I tried my best to find it from Android Markert, but without success. For it, I can only installed skifta application to replace AllShare, but fortunately the operation and implementation principles of the two apps are the same. just follow me to realize it.

Step one, Click on ” Skifta” to run this program.

Step two, Click on “Choose a media source” to select Galaxy S 2 as media source from the lists.

Step three, Once the media source is selected, you could choose PS3 as media player.

Step four, click on “Browse and play media” to share photos, music or videos you want.

Hopefully this article can help you!