I realise this will be trivial but I'm stumped!
I've only had this phone for 5 days but already it's confused me. I rely heavily on reminders and appts in my mobile phone and for the past few days i've not had any.

Previously I had a nokia c7 which was easy to use and back up and sync'd with outlook. It wasn't reliable and broke down which is why i don't have it now but the calender and 'to do' bit it had sorted.

Now i've added my google email account to my phone and it says that it syncs with it but:

- I had synced my outlook and google calendars (using the google sync app) and a day later my google calendar is blank again
- although my google calendar is apparently synced with my phone I don't appear to be able to view my google calendar on my phone
- i added calendar entries on my phone last night and if I add them to my google calendar (there's an option when you add an event) then I can't see them
- If i add the event to 'my calendar' then it will appear.
- but what's the point if I can't sync 'my calendar' and my google calendar with each other let along with outlook or anything else

Is this making sense?

- and it would appear that although i've added my google account the phone and the calendar are not syncing with each other.

- tonight i've downloaded gsyncit but haven't yet used it. That will only solve the issue of syncing outlook with google though which isn't going to help me get all of that information on to my phone.

Please tell me what i'm doing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It could be quite basic but i've still to work my way round the various settings menus and things.

Thank you so much for your help.