hello everyone,
this is my first thread here :D
when using wifi the device is super fast and sync with many apps smoothly.. but this drains the battery A LOT...

so the thing is when i'm not using the device...i want to optimize it to keep myself notified by new facebook notifications and messages from messengers like whatsapp and ebuddy xms

so i want to set my wifi to connect peridically for few seconds to update the apps then close and wait for some time before repeating that.. so that it uses minimum energy possible to do the job effiectively and keep me updated.. instead of looking manually every half hour by switching wifi on and off..

i tried to use apps like:
Taskbomb but couldn't make it work !!

does anyone knows an app or a way to do what i mentioned?

another thing:

i bought my Sgs2 from three weeks from outside the country

it have the screen bug (semi dark ring that appears only with dark backgrounds or when playing low light videos)

so i can't return it for now.. at least not before another 3 weeks.

does anyone know if that thing goes away by itself? i read about that on other sites but so far it showed no sign of fading.. its really frustrating to think that i will be returning the phone !

i will take a picture and upload it soon..

ps. im using a screen protector from day 1... should i remove it in order to "whip" that ring out?(i read online that its remains of marks produced by machines in manefacturing lines)