I have had my Samsung Galaxy S 2 for about a month now and I cannot get it to pair properly with the PS3. This is very annoying and Samsung is aware of it but has done nothing to date. Has anyone else tried to got these to work together on wireless wifi hotspot? I have no problem with my HTC Incredible S so I know it is not a settings issue. My wife's Galaxy S 2 is the same thing. If anyone else is having the same issue or if you try and it dosen't work for you could you give Samsung a call? I am hoping that a couple of calls here can fix the issue quick as I believe it is a firewall thing on the Galaxy S 2. What happens is that when you connect it will only give you a NAT3 instead of a required NAT2 for online gaming. When PSN sees this you get a warning that you will be restricted to what you can do and then you get kicked. If you find this issue on your phone/PS3 and you do call Samsung could you please post? Thanks in advance!