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Thread: Poor Sound Quality

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    Exclamation Poor Sound Quality

    The Galaxy S II is probably the best smartphone in the world out there (maybe in comp. with the EVO 3D) but the audio quality through the earphone jack is totally crap. I've tried PowerAMP, PlayerPro, is there any way to get some good sound quality out of this device? Whenever I play around with the equalizer, or try putting the Bass to full, the audio just comes out distorted broken. I was looking for dolby or srs wow plugins on the android market, but without any luck. Is there any way to improve the quality (i dont wanna root it, i just got the phone)


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    i have seen this post, and signed up purely to contribute to this discussion and i hope by me replying it will bump this thread back to the top and we can.get an.answer!

    i too have a SGS 2, about 3 weeks old.

    i work as a sound technician and musician in Australia, and enjoy the percs of having a smart phone with me at work and gigs.

    the problem i have is that when using a headphones jack to RCA lead to connect my phone to a PA system, it always sounds below average. it seems to be dull and lifeless, lacking in top end clarity, and always sounds ultra compressed like the life has been squashed out of it.

    i had an iphone 3G... and that always sounded AMAZING! i prefer the SGS2 now in every way except for this.

    i also have a work friend who has the first SGS. he rooted his, installed a voodoo kernel (or something like that) that does "oversampling", and his sounds great. now he is into that kind of usage, but it goes over my head.


    And if not, can there be simple instructions posted up on what is needed to rectify this problem? Im happy to do what needs to be done, but don't really understand much of it. and if the mod severely harms the use of the phone (including official OS updates), can the risks be spelt out?

    I've read a few forums and i know people are having similar problems.

    thanks guys - looking forward to showing all my apple friends the way of the future!

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    Sound Quality Issues!

    Hey guys, I'm having the exact same problem. I'm not a big tech guy and I'd like to avoid rooting my phone as well (just not interested in putting that kind of time into my phone). I just want to improve the audio quality coming out of my headphone jack. I listen to music in my car pretty much constantly and when it sounds this bad (compressed, poppy, distorted high end) I can't enjoy it.

    Any easy fixes or even difficult ones? I like the phone and I don't want to get an mp3 player just for my car.


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    Lots of things you could try, but first some questions. What audio player are you using on the phone? What's the cable quality like running from the phone to the car? Does it only happen when you adjust the equalizer? Are you adjusting it on the phone or the car? Does it happen when listening on headphones? Do you have the latest update for your phone?

    Thanks! We'll see if we can fix things for you.

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