I am new to smartphones and am on a step learning curve! Kies, 2 days ago indicated that there was a firmware update for my 1 month old SGS2(unbranded). The update appeared to be successful. However, I then found I could not open .xls files or create spreadsheets with Polaris Office, other file formats are fine.

I phoned Samsung UK who told me that there was not an update for my phone! They added that I was lucky that the phone was still working. I queried how Kies could get it so wrong and the response was along the lines of ‘one of those things’. I was told to take my phone to a service centre.

Before I do anything I want to find out the current firmware state of my phone.

Kies says that my firmware is now:
PDA:KI4/PHONE:KI1/CSS:KH2 (XEU) and that it is up to date.

My SGS2 shows it is using:
Android version 2.3.4
Baseband version I9100XXKI1
Kernel version

Advice on what to do now would be much appreciated.