My phone is snyc'd with my outlook contacts. No problems here.

However, how can I view a contact (call or email a contact) that is listed on a shared company address book located on a server?

Using a previous windows mobile phone as an example, in that phone I had all my contacts. However, if I needed to call / email someone from my company's global address book, I was able to see the listing and select the contact. The action in that phone may have been connect to global addrees book or something similar. It was an option when searching my contacts.

IMO - Andriod is the best, and I'm way better off than I was a couple years ago with win mobile.

With the Galaxy S2 being my second adroid, I hope to finally solve the problem.

I want / need to view a contact on Outlook (address book on a global server) Contact where the contact is on a sever and not on my phone. Assume the global address book (list of employees) is over 5,000 records, I don't want this data on my phone - or should I set up a different group and load them all? Ideally I don't even want these contacts on my phone. It's like once every few months that I need a number from the global address book, but when I do, I really need the number.