How Many Hours Should My Battery Last?

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Thread: How Many Hours Should My Battery Last?

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    How Many Hours Should My Battery Last?

    I haven't got many apps, just Facebook, Chrome, Instagram, IMDB, Wallbase and the odd widget, Simi Clock, Minimalistic Text, etc. . . . don't use my phone excessively, and turn all the wifi and blue tooth off n all that, screen display low aswell n other stuff.

    When I first had phone it would last from say 8am to 12 am, which I didn't mind but now I'm getting around 4/8 hours out of it, the phone has recently been reset, (this was happening before the reset) so I'm assuming I've done something to the battery. I was charging over night and at times when the battery wasnt completely empty. I don't mind buying new battery, I just wanna know if it will work, better if I do buy new one.

    Also if I remove battery and turn phone back on it is in the red, and prior to removing it could be like 65% and then when fired back up around %30


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    Same here! When I furst got the phone a full charge would hold me up the whole day. recently I've been charging (fully!) twice a day without even using the phone excessively. This is what I was told by a tech suppord guy at the Sprint store:
    -always turn off any apps that might be running on the background
    -turn off wifi when not needed
    -turn off gps when not needed
    -turn off 4G unless you're downloading something big
    -uninstall skype (which aparently even when not in use can really affect your battery life)
    -once a month drain the battery down to 0 till the phone dies, chargefully to 100% and then turn the phone on. he also mentioned to repeat this 3 days in a row if the problem persists. Also he suggested turning the phone off for 5 min a day, every day. it does something to the OS and should help with battery life.

    except for uninstalling skype,I followed thoroughly with these instructions. I'm on day 2 of draining+fully charging procedure. No improvement so far, but if it does solve the issue I'll certainly post back.

    Hope this helps!

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    My battery life problem is identical to pp21, having just got the new phone last week I can honestly say I am very dissapointed with the battery life problem, surely the answer here is not to resort to switching everything off in order to have a functional phone but for Samsung to get their finger out and supply a battery that is man enough for the job?
    Not good enough Samsung, very unhappy.

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    Maybe it deleted the battery logs and you have to calibrate it from scratch
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    I'm a heavy user and I normally get 8 hours from my s2. If I want to save battery while not using it then I turn off all network connections.

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