ZeroLemon 7000mAh Battery w/Review- Add CBA Result

This is a discussion on ZeroLemon 7000mAh Battery w/Review- Add CBA Result within the Samsung Galaxy S3 forums, part of the Samsung Android Phones category; Got a review on ZeroLemon 7000mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy S3 I will like to share. Seriously beats Hyperion 4000mah by quite a bit getting ...

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Thread: ZeroLemon 7000mAh Battery w/Review- Add CBA Result

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    ZeroLemon 7000mAh Battery w/Review- Add CBA Result

    Got a review on ZeroLemon 7000mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy S3 I will like to share. Seriously beats Hyperion 4000mah by quite a bit getting screentime in double digits!

 ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S III 7000mAh Extended Battery + Free Black Extended TPU Full Edge Protection Case(Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i747, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung i535, T-mobi

    This is pretty much a huge battery with an Extended TPU case that Hyperion and Qcell sell on the side for extra 6-8 bucks. The way they acheive larger capacity i'm assuming is that they take full use of the back of the phone physical dimension (in areas such as where microsd is, the battery overlaps it). That's very unique approach that I have not seen another one else has done so far. Since the case covers the battery anayways, you will not notice these throughout regualr day use.

    There is no back hard back plastic cover like the Hyperion one as the extended case does the job in securing the battery in place. A thing to emphasize is that the thickness is literally the same as the Hyperion battery + the extended case or even slightly thinner as there is no hard plastic cover to add the extra thickness. In fact, how they hold the battery is by using the tpu case edges to secure the battery which is quite ingenious. I tend to have problems with those hard plastic covers used by hyperion because it doesn't secure properly and dust goes into the gap. With this zerolemon battery, the problem doesn't exist since there is no such gap.

    Being a bigger battery, you can feel it is slightly heavier by approximately 20g. It's not really noticeable to me because the hyperion battery + TPU case is at most 10 g less than this battery (since the hard cover in the hyperion is 10-15g alone I think) The weight of the phone obviously is heavier than original battery but only around less than 10% heavier than hyperion + tpu case for at least 33% more battery life. If you carry this in a bag, this is very good.

    For performance I cannot assess yet as i just got this, but it's been a day and I only got through 70% so far. very impressive since usually 1 day on hyperion for me is 30-40%. I'll give a more detail assessment once I get more use on this.

    It's around 35 bucks for this zerolemon battery right now and I seriously think it's worth it over the hyperion battery. I got the hyperion battery for 26 dollars + the soft extended case for 6 dollars (Total of 32 dollars). It's only essentially 4 bucks more for an increase of 2100mah capacity.
    UPDATE: Just saw it at 23.99 USD! Even cheaper than Hyperion's

    Just working out to be:
    ZeroLemon - 180mAh per dollar -> at 25 USD, this is 262mAh per dollars which is DOUBLE hyperion's capacity per dollar value!
    Hyperion + soft case - 131.25 mAh per dollar

    Just capacity per dollar this also better value than hyperion's.

    UPDATE JAN 21st - After Lake Tahoe snowboard trip with very heavy use of GPS

    just confirmed this is truly the monster I've been looking for!

    I got ready for my weekend snowboard trip at Lake Tahoe from San Francisco.

    Unplug my phone at 5pm
    At 7pm drive up to Tahoe City for 4 and a half hours with medium brightness and GPS on the whole time. (made a quick pitstop at walmart )
    Reached Tahoe City at 11:45. Phone is at 70%
    Didn't not charge at all overnight

    Went to snowboarding with GPS on again to Alpine Meadows which is 20 mins away
    Went snowboarding all day while listening to music. Reception on top of mountain is a bit weak so may have worked the battery a bit. took lunch break and whatsapp some friends.
    Turned on my wifi and start browing internet for a bit in hotel. Forgot to turn it off in between
    Did not charge overnight

    Went to snowboarding with GPS on heading towards Squaw Valley
    took a longer break this time and start browsing anandtech and for around 30 mins
    Headed back to San Francisco which takes another 4 and a half hour with medium brightness and gps on. (made a quick stop for dinner in between)
    Did not charge at all overnight

    Return my rental car and used GPS again at medium brightness.


    -Battery finally finished by 12pm with 2d 16h 32m total use
    - 13h 33m screen time on the battery at medium brightness (I set it back to medium brightness even when the battery is at critical level)
    - GPS on for 10h and 36m

    All this and not a single charge during the weekend. This is the weekend warrior battery I've been looking for. Hyperion does ok but dies usually by Sunday morning.

    One interesting thing to note is that when the battery is at 3%, it will stay there for relatively longer than usual. I'm guessing it's the phone's OS not able to calculate the battery percentage correctly being so big of an battery.

    This battery seems to do even better than at 6300mAh capacity. I threw this battery in my CBA tester tonight to check the exact capacity and post some results once it's done

    UPDATE on CBA test:

    The battery is rated at 6510mAh and below is the graph. Very good stuff

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    just the way of perform by this battery getting amazed

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    WORLD'S BIGGEST GALAXY S3 BATTERY- ZeroLemon 7000mAh Battery w/Review- add CBA result

    That things an animal! :D
    I tested a Mugen 4600 mAh for a couple months on my S3 and was very impressed with the battery life.
    The only downside was, it added a ton of weight to the phone and literally turned it into the size of a small brick. Plus, there were no cases available for it since it made the overall phone so large. Mugen supplied a leather pouch for it, but there was no way to attach it to your belt, and it was still exposed once you remove it from the pouch, in order to use it.
    I'd like to see some pictures of the battery in your S3 when you get a chance.
    Thanks! :thumbup:


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    unbeatable battery life now a days

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    Lightbulb serajodmn

    GALAXY S3 is a long time chargeable BATTERY.

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    i've seen this on amazon but wasnt sure if real so i wanted someone to provide feedback on its usage and i hope the post-er isnt a paid poster by the maker, paid to make it sound good. but that you, a customer, bought it and gave us a review.

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