DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. It is sooooooooo slow. This phone runs at the speed of a snails shadow. And I know why.

See,they try to say that the phone is amazing. It has a 800Mghz prosesser which is almost double what the Droid has. But what they fail to tell yu is that the phone has np dedicated graphics chip. I repeat. NO. DEDICATED. GRAPHICS. CHIP. Now if yu don't know what that means. It means that every single graphic. Every movement. Even move from protuit to landscape mode is ran off this prosesser. Effectively turning this 800Mgz monster into a <350Mhz snail. Plus,it has a 2.7 in screen. Way to small.for any Android phone. I have virgin mobile. It didn't have 2.2 when I had the phone. Only 2.1. Now,I have the VASTLY surporiur LG Optimus V. Amazing phone. 2.2.1. 600Mgz with a COMPLETELY seprete 400Mgz Dedicated Graphics Chip.

I am a huge internet/app/hacker user. This phone is beautiful.