I loaded the Transform USB drivers on my XP(SP3) PC. The first thing that happened was that my Verizon USB760 went Offline immediately. No big deal?, I reconnected and proceeded to browse around the transform SD card through the PC; all was cool for about 20 minutes and then....

PC Crash, PC reboot, PC Crash, PC reboot. This stinks!

Anyway, there is some sort of problem with the drivers and MY PC. I noticed when the PC drivers were loading, the message box was calling them Samsung USB Modem. Maybe there is a conflict with the Verizon Drivers? Don't no enough about this stuff but the PC was throughly cut up for a couple of hours. There appears to be no way to uninstall the Samsung drivers was they are in, at least I could not do. Eventually I just deleted the file from the root. The pc loads up fine now and 24 hours with no crashes has me believing I fixed it.

The strange part is that I have the same package on my XP(SP3) notebook with no trouble?