I have a Jabra Cruiser speaker phone that works fine with every other phone I've tried to connect. Now that I've switched to sprint and my wife and I have the Samsung Transform, we can't use our $100 speakerphone required by the great nanny state of California. Outbound calls are fine. Inbound calls trip the phone up and can't be answered by the bluetooth device unless caught on the first half ring. Once the phone itself starts ringing, it removes the blue background (showing bluetooth connectivity I suppose) and the phone must be rebooted before it will reconnect to bluetooth.

Very frustrating. Jabra support said some samsung phones won't take incoming calls. Samsung support said that some Jabra devices trip up their software. I thought that's why there are standards! When I asked the Samsung guy whether I should go return it for an HTC or expect a fix he told me to go get a phone at sprint that works with my device as they won't be fixing it.Boo and boo!

edit: Costco to the rescue. They returned my cruiser for the cruiser 2 which does not have the disconnect issue. the incompatibility had something to do with the way jabra tried to access the samsung phone book. Apparently the cruiser 2 downloads the phone book which resolves the issue.