Okay, so as I said in another part of the forum, my new Zio has issues. My wife's seems to work rather well for her though.
My phone seems possessed at times and I've only owned it five days. I get an acore process warning randomly throughout the day and the whole OS just stutters and goes to home screen. I liken it to when xorg or xwin restarts on a linux desktop...very annoying in a phone.
Answering calls is a mixed bag honestly. The gestures get recognized at times and at other times they do not. My non-gmail email account (yahoo) does not update well at all and the date on some new emails lists as 12/31/1969 (way weird). Facebook "app" which is just a link to the touch version website will not work not matter what. When compared to BB's FB app, this is an utter joke. I don't know if it's an android thing or what but it's really annoying.
Final issue may not be a bug, or perhaps it is, the virtual keyboard...I am having an utter battle with this keyboard interface. Like I said in my other post, maybe I just need to move over to a physical keyboard phone. All I know is I can't keep typing in klingon to email and text recipients.