I would really like to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem:

The voice that the phone makes when one clicks on their blue tooth handset to make a call says, "Say a command". Then she says, "Calling ...."

PROBLEM: My Xperia Play DOES have this voice BUT it is VERY VERY quiet. The tones on my keypad are faint too. Volume when in a call is fine and can be controlled. Now, I have had this problem with the last two versions of Gingerbread ROMs on my OG Droid. I know from Droidforums other people experienced the same issue with different head sets on their OG Droids. Has anyone else experienced this problem on their Xperia Play?

I went to the Verizon store today (waste of time). First their "tech expert" asked do you try and re-pair. Then did u try to turn the volume up, (never thought of that one):rolleyes:. Next they simple said, "O, well it must be incompatible". Thanks a lot!! Didn't even look at my device or try anything. :mad:

Anyway, I have a Jawbone Icon and did just update the firmware on it. So I would really like to know if anyone else out there is having the same problem wheather they are using a Jawbone or a different blue tooth headset.