Photo syncing is not a novel idea at all Ė there are countless solutions that do it on a regular basis, but instant photo uploading the moment it is taken is something Iíve been looking forward to for a long time. And now itís here, thanks to Chris Soyars, aka ctso Ė one of the senior CyanogenMod developers. Chrisís new app, DropSnap, has a very simple purpose Ė get your photos synced up to the cloud the moment you take them.

For most people, knowing their photos are safe gives them peace of mind, but for me, itís opening up a whole new way of taking pictures for application reviews and good old screenshot sharing. Thatís right Ė you can set any folder to be monitored for changes, with multiple folder support planned in the next few weeks. You can also set a destination directory on the remote side, individual file upload notifications, as well as a variety of syncing options.