my verizon xperia is not recognized by either pc companion or seus. I am trying to do a hard reset. I purchased the phone from a ebay power seller for cheap, the issue is that the device says unlock pattern attempts exceeded, then it asks to enter gmail info or answer security question. I was hoping to just use SEUS to reflash, I had read that pressing and holding the back and search keys while powering on would put the phone into a recovery menu to which you can then reset back to fresh factory. However that did not work. When I use SEUS to try and flash, I follow the steps to a "T", holding the back button while inserting the usb cable. But the device and SEUS dont do anthing. Its like it doesnt see it. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my phone to connect with seus so I can reset it and or utilize the 2 button trick if it indeed is a viable option and maybe I am missing something. Thank you to all in advance.