Meporter is a news app that lets you write, photograph and video local news.Everyone knows that nothing gets stale as fast as yesterday's news.
Welcome to Meporter, a location-based news app that enables you to
write, photograph and video your local news as it breaks. But that's not all.
Meporter makes the stories available to anyone in the world with a mobile
phone or an Internet connection.

When you witness breaking news - anything from weather to traffic, from
nightlife to local politics, from a hot new restaurant to a cool new real
estate opportunity - simply use your Android Phone or Tablet to take a
picture or make a video, write up your story, add a headline, and post it for
the world to see.

With Meporter you can post and distribute news live, on location. Capture
what's happening - from professional sports to your kid's little league
game, from concerts and festivals to car wrecks and crimes.