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Thread: Camera and exiting apps

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    Camera and exiting apps

    Hi all,

    Really glad to have come across this forum as I'm new to both Xperia Play and Android. I have a Blackberry for work and the Xperia Play seems like a brilliant phone in comparison (and excellent value too for the 150 I paid for it from O2). My biggest disappointment with it is the lack of documentation that comes with it so hopefully some of you can help me out with some basic questions.

    My first question is regarding the camera. Slightly disappointed to find that there seems to be no zoom. Is this correct?

    My 2nd question relates to the use of apps, or rather the exiting of them. I know for some you can use the back key repeatedly to get out, but for some (some EA games for example) you can't and have to use the home key. My question is, when you use the home key has the app actually closed because when I restart the app from the menu, it seems to continue from where I left off. I don't like the idea of apps being left open as I'm sure they are a drag on resources, so is there a simple way of closing down an app when it is in use (i.e. exit and close)?

    3rd question (definitely the last for now!), do you have to be on-line to play most of the EA games? I've downloaded Dead Space but if I turn off data roaming or aren't connected by WiFi, I can't play the game. I've also noticed that even though Dead Space was a fairly big download, when I look at the applications installed it is only showing as about 360k, where is the rest of it hiding?


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    Try this website for online help....

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    Welcome to the forums and congrats on your purchase!

    From what I can tell, there is no stock zoom. There is an application called camera zoom fx that some people use.
    As far as exiting apps, some games require you to select an exit option. This can sometimes be found by hitting the menu key in the app. Usually the back key works, while the home key almost always just backgrounds the app.

    You can manually stop apps from running in the background by going to settings>applications>currently running and then selecting the apps you wish to stop. Be sure to check the cache too, by hitting the menu key and selecting cached processes from the currently running page.

    As far as the games go, most do not require an active internet connection. Make sure you have actually downloaded the full game, as after you download the apk, you must download the rest from inside the game. Use wifi.

    Hope that helps!
    Proud owner of an Xperia PLAY 4G!

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