Hi everyone, firstly i must admit my stupidity and child-like manner, i mean when i heard about the xperia play i was excited but realised it would a long time before i got one as the price was way above that of anything ive ever spent, lol but just before christ i got one for well under 200, but now im a little annyoed as this fantastic gaming, well the fact you need a WIFI connection for everything, even the games pre-installed werent installed as i had to download additional files, as mine is on o2 i used my 500mb allowance in a day, so im hoping i can get it unlocked to use my T-mobile as the have unlimited net usage, plus the games ive managed to play [Sims3, fifa] look PSP quality and with the physical keys im looking to see about N64 emus etc, anyway, i hope Sony continue to support the Play and release some more games [RPG, turn based strats]

Cheers hope everyone else is enjoying there Play,jamie