got my Xperia Play nearly 2 weeks ago and so glad I did, I've been wanting a device that can use for some excellent gaming as well as a cell phone so that i only have to carry around one device, while i knew about the Xperia Play before it came out it took me untill the last moment after it was taken off the market for me to get one. What took me so long to get one was that it wasen't a necessity to have more of a desire and i don't give in to desires to easily, also another thing that I really didn't like about it was its lack of any kind of TV out, a mini HDMI out port would have been the icing on the cake for me.

it took a bit of digging but Rogers was able to dig me up one at the last moment and im so glad i finally got one. its smooth, responsive, sleek, and the fact that the Xperia Play had far less sales than Sony had anticipated, it makes my ownership of it that much more unique as its the phone my coworkers are talking about due to the fact that none of them know anyone who has one but they have all heard about it, its perfectly geared towards someone like me who wants a gaming device first and a cell phone second.