Hello all,

Since a few days, I've been having a lot trouble with connecting my headphones to the Xperia Play. I've used the Xperia Play with the Sony Ericsson headphones that came with it as my main mp3 player and it all worked fine for months. On monday, the phone didn't relay the music to the headphones. Pulling the jack out of the phone and in again helped solve that. Yesterday it got worse. It took several times of pulling and inserting the jack before the phone relayed the music to the headphones. Today, nothing helped anymore. Every once and a while, when I insert the jack into the phone, I get a message with "accessory not supported". How can this be, it's the headphones that came with it and I've been using them for months. The headphones work fine on other devices. I tried another headphone on the Xperia Play and it had the same result: no sound through the headphones, just through the phone's speaker. At first I thought the jack socket was broken, but since I got the "accessory not supported" message, I'm thinking it's more of a software issue. Any thoughts on this? The phone is fully updated to the lastest software.