Xperia vs Captivate?

This is a discussion on Xperia vs Captivate? within the Sony Xperia X10 forums, part of the Sony Android Phones category; Having had both the Captivate and the Xperia both I'd like to say that I really miss my Captivate. I sent it back after it ...

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Thread: Xperia vs Captivate?

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    Having had both the Captivate and the Xperia both I'd like to say that I really miss my Captivate. I sent it back after it started turning off, Then the GPS thing just iced the cake.

    The X10 has a small but loyal following over at XDA developers and "We've" made some strides in a good stable 2.1 flash that I have and like so far.

    Now I can go on and on about a whole list of things but in the end that's all irrelevant, Because 3 days later someone will create a file or flash or ROM that will enable you to do damn near anything you want with almost any phone.

    I just really like the physical buttons the X10 has and I am very displeased with the call volume.

    The bootloader has not been hacked that I know of, So "we" can not hack the software and increase the volume the same way that Samsung phones have a neat code to "get you in".

    So I'm stuck. With a phone I like but don't like to use.

    LouderVolumeHack featured on the market does not work for the X10.

    So literally I am stuck.

    After this I have decided when my contract is up I am leaving AT&T.

    Between the fragile glass on the Aria, The known issues with the Captivate and finally the things I have mentioned about the X10 I am generally displeased with AT&T's offerings. And I am not gonna chase my tail by "Waiting for the next big or great phone" If I don't like what you have now then there is no where to go with this.

    I am also very upset that AT&T has eliminated the unlimited data plan, I'm so tired of seeing other carriers offer them.

    So, Their products SUK and their plans SUX.

    I'm takin my toys and going home :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizzo View Post
    I thought I would add some real world experience.

    I had the Captivate for 2 weeks. I used the F bomb out of it too.

    The one thing that made me return it was the Random Shutdown issue. "They" being the captivate community are running all around pointing fingers at everything from ATK to Launcher Pro, Then some ATT employee shows up and drops a big bomb.

    Not only is it a known to Samsung hardware/software conflict, They "may" include a fix for that in the forever coming 2.2 upgrade.

    Samsung treats North America like a red headed stepchild. We're 2nd from the bottom on the list for that update and then it still has to get F'd up by ATT like they LOVE to do to anything and then maybe, Just maybe they'll get it by January.


    Samsung has been in my disfavor since the Eternity and the Touch wiz update that never came for that phone.

    I sent my Captivate that shut down EVERYDAY! multiple times a day back to Wirefly, I got the X10 coming and I can't stand the wait :D

    You guys got the 2.1 update and the rumored but probable "Pinch zoom" update in January. So be grateful not everyone gets what they're promised.
    Thanks Rizzo,
    Your post was exactly the kind of info I need when making my decision. I just recently got my first Android phone from Wirefly. It was an X10. I ordered it before realizing that the 2.1 firmware update wasn't available. And then I hear all the other stuff going on with the lack of AT&T support for the phone and I am very worried that I made a bad decision. I have the X10 now and I like it.....but I also don't have anything to compare it to and I called Wirefly and I can return the X10 for the Captivate if I would like.

    So how did your decision work out for you? If you had a gun to your head....which phone would you choose? I need someone woth real world experience with both phones. Not a youtube review (HEAD TO HEAD CELL PHONE GRUDGE MATCH) where the reviewer plays with each phone for 20 minutes and declares the Samsung the winner.

    PS: My brother had the Gravity 2 and I have the Gravity 3 and both phones shut down all the time for absolutely no reason.

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    I have some news,sparked by that last reply (Set to send Email when new post is made) .

    I am (Thanks to AT&T) ditching the Android OS as a whole.

    The last ., and I mean very last phone AT&T offers right now is the X10.

    The low call volume is just killing me.

    Now the Bootloader is locked! and S/E is not helping.

    If for nothing else but trying every phone ATT offers I am left with a device that fails to perform its basic function then I'm just going to fold my hand and walk from the table.

    It's not Androids fault, It's the devices fault.

    Too small,shuts down,No GPS and now the volume.


    I am going to get a Blackberry Torch which has an OBD II app that I need. This kind of app is the very reason I got an Android in the first place.

    And here's the kicker.

    I get to keep my X10. :D

    Someone F'ed up and I'll get the prize.

    So maybe when the volume gets fixed via a hacked bootloader and access with Volume Hack in the App store I'll use it again.

    For now, I just need to make phone calls and check a few things online from time to time.

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    Oh, Volume aside, I will still "Recommend the X10 to a friend" over the Captivate.

    The screen on the Cappy is nice and all but no matter how much you polish a turd,it's still full of ............

    Here is the latest on the whole random shutdown thing in the Captivate world.
    At&t captivate shut down press release - xda-developers

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