How to install Swype on X10 AT&T with no "unknown sources" option

This is a discussion on How to install Swype on X10 AT&T with no "unknown sources" option within the Sony Xperia X10 forums, part of the Sony Android Phones category; Hi all -- I hope that Sony X10 AT&T users and other Android phones with no "unknown sources" option have found my earlier post (shown ...

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Thread: How to install Swype on X10 AT&T with no "unknown sources" option

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    How To Install Swype on Sony X10 AT&T with no "unknown sources" option -- tiny update

    Hi all --

    I hope that Sony X10 AT&T users and other Android phones with no "unknown sources" option have found my earlier post (shown below) to be useful to enable Swype on their phones. I'm still using Swype on my X10 and loving it, but not loving that I have to uninstall and reinstall through all these steps each time there is a Swype update! However, all in all it's been worth it.

    I just updated my Swype version and wanted to make a note -- now when you get the activation email from Swype Beta, it will also have an activation code in it. During the install process, at one point, it will ask you for this 5 digit code, so be sure to write it down from your email, or have a copy of the email open where you can see it. Just enter the code on your phone when it asks for it. Other than that, all the steps I've provided still work for me, and I hope they help many others too!


    Quote Originally Posted by msmezmer View Post
    How to install Swype keyboard for those with an Xperia X10 who do NOT have the option to choose to acquire apps from "unknown sources" -- it is simply not on any menu of the recent AT&T X10 (which is also referred to as an X10a). When I was trying to do this, I found many instructions that just said “use adb” and examples for other phones like the Backflip. I wrote this up for my own reference and decided to share with those who may need more specifics of how to do this on the Xperia X10(a) without ‘rooting’ your phone.

    To prepare on your PC: (this is for Windows, although there are Linux options out there) and these are the exact steps that worked for me on Win XP.

    Download current .net framework 4 at: Download .NET Framework

    Download X10 drivers from sony ericsson developers site: Sony Ericsson - Developer World - Downloads - Download - Dw-x10drivers
    Create a file on your desktop or in mydocuments or somewhere -- I created a directory called Xperia X10a Files -- put your X10 drivers files from Sony Ericsson here.

    Download AC Sideload Wonder Machine -- this will give you the adb that works (and I'm sure you'll be wanting this later for other things, too) exactly as it says here: AC Sideload Wonder Machine for Windows - Page 2 - Android Forums

    Important -- just put it in the C: directory as he says, it's much easier later to find it.
    From your X10 -- you may want to do this with wi-fi -- go to Swype | Text Input for Screens.... and sign up for the beta -- put in an email address you can access from your phone, and remember the password you use here. This will download Swype Installer to your phone, but you will not be able to access it, because it’s been blocked as a non-AT&T market app.

    On the x10 phone, enable USB debugging at settings/applications/development/usb debugging.

    Plug your phone into the usb port on the same computer where you have installed the above .net4, X10 drivers, and SWM (Sideload Wonder Machine). It may tell you that new device is found and that it needs drivers... navigate to where you put the X10 drivers you downloaded earlier - and it should find the right driver. If you want to verify that it worked, you can go to Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager and it should show your Xperia X10 connected as a device -- if you have a yellow ? something went wrong with getting the driver connected, so try that again.

    You will get a notification on your X10 that says you're connected to a USB and do you want to transfer files, etc. You DO want to mount the drive now. This will allow your phone to show up in Explorer as an additional drive letter -- you can go to that directory and see the files on your phone.
    On the phone, under a directory called Downloads -- you will find the Swype-Installer.apk file. Click and copy that file (do not move it -- your Swype may later expect it to still be on your phone) to the directory you created on the PC where you put your adb files -- since I used the adb that came with Sideload Wonder Machine, I put the Swype-Installer.apk file in that same directory. This puts the Swype install file on your computer

    On the phone, “unmount” the phone as a drive, but leave it connected to the usb and your computer.
    Go to a Dos command screen. On WinXP, click “start” then “run”, then type “cmd” in the box, and click OK. This will bring up the Dos command screen. On that screen, go to the directory where you put the adb files (or the AC_SWM directory if that’s where you obtained the adb) for my example, I’ll use that directory. C:\AC_SWM> if you just put it all on C:\ it would just be a C:\ with the adb commands after that.

    To summarize: First you’ll put the Swype Installer back on the phone, using adb (yes, you got it from there originally, but after this it will let you run it). Then, when the installation “stalls” at the security screen you’ll use adb pull to “pull” back the correct application version that was sent to your phone by Swype. Then, you’ll use adb install to finish the installation back on to your phone. For details, follow below:

    C:\AC_SWM>adb install Swype-Installer.apk

    Leaving your phone connected to the computer via usb, on your phone go to the applications and find Swype Installer, and click on it to run it. Follow the directions on the screen – you’ll need to put in the email address and password that you used earlier, the first time you downloaded Swype to your phone. After you login, go ahead and follow the directions to let it download the right version for your phone. Choose Full Version of Swype or English/Spanish, whichever you want. When it gets to the security screen that says you are BLOCKED from adding this app because it’s not from the market STOP on that screen, and DO NOT hit “OK” or cancel, just leave the phone at that screen.

    Go back to your command prompt on your PC, and enter the following:

    C:\AC_SWM>adb pull /data/data/

    it will come back with a line that shows how many Kbytes

    Then enter:

    C:\AC_SWM>adb install mypackage.apk

    it will come back with a line that shows how many Kbytes and then will say “success”

    NOW you can press OK on the “security” screen, and follow the instructions to select Swype as your keyboard on your phone.

    After you “safely remove hardware” from your computer, you can go back and use Swype on your phone!

    PS – You may want to bookmark these instructions. When they recently updated the software, I had to uninstall the Swype application from the phone and the Swype Installer from the phone, and do this all over again, but it was worth it!

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    Interesting, never thought of that approach to installing Swype. Thanks Dude!
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