Hey everyone. I just wanted to share a neat tool that Spiceworks created to help IT pros and Office suite users determine if they should upgrade to Office 2013 called
The Microsoft Office 2013 Advisor. And we even included a picture of a cute puppy in the Advisor tool - who can resist?

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The Microsoft Office 2013 Advisor is an interactive tool that shows you the key differences between Office 2013 and previous Office versions, including the upgrades to the key features like Word, Excel & PowerPoint, options for adopting the new software, and more. It's incredibly useful if you've been toying with the idea of upgrading, whether it's Office for your on your home PC, work PC, or Windows-based mobile device. The tool is hosted in the Spiceworks Community, but you don't need to have an account to try it out (although you're certainly welcome to register, especially if you're in the IT space! After all, it's FREE!)

Please check it out and post any feedback you have to this thread. Looking forward to hearing what you think! Thanks!

-Jason S, Spiceworks