Seidio EVO 4G Innocase Active Case Giveaway

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Thread: Seidio EVO 4G Innocase Active Case Giveaway

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    Guest danDroid's Avatar

    Seidio EVO 4G Innocase Active Case Giveaway

    HTC EVO 4G Case GiveAway!
    It's that time again! and Seidio have teamed up to give away one of their brand new Innocase Active for the HTC EVO 4G. Created for those that have and want to maintain their active lifestyle in mind, the Innocase Active provides great shock absorption while adding minimal bulk. This two-layer case features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a precisely positioned hard skeleton for added protection. The design of the skeleton protects vulnerable parts of your device, such as the corners and sides.

    - Interior casing made from highly durable and impact absorbing polymer
    - Skeleton provides extra protection at impact points such as corners and sides
    - Hard exterior skeleton finished with our signature rubberized coating
    - Lightweight material with an overall thickness of only 2.2mm
    - All ports, controls and camera remain accessible and fully functional

    How do I win?
    Simply tell us why your EVO 4G needs this case. We will leave close this thread Monday July 12th and announce the winner the same day.

    For more information and all available color options, please visit: ht

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    Android Lurker droidhead's Avatar
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    My EVO needs this case because I work on a lot of construction sites and a standard case just won't cut it. I have been leaving my EVO in my truck because I am afraid that the Innocase Surface just isn't sufficient to protect my phone from the hazards of the jobsite, and I've been missing tons of calls, and getting yelled at by my boss for not having the phone on me at all times. He's got an iPhone so clearly he just doesn't understand. I've been waiting for a good case to come out (otterbox) and I ordered the Innocase Active Limited Edition from Amazon, but this one seems better because it has more plastic covering the case.

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    Junior Member beautygirlhaley's Avatar
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    Talking why I need this case

    I am clumsy. I drop my phone a lot. Rubberized cases work well for me, once I left my phone on top of my car and drove down the street. Thank god it was still there thanks to the rubbery "holding power". The addition of a hard snap on skeleton is brilliant as the only time I damaged my phone was when I dropped it after it twisted out of its rubber skin. In short, I need this case so that I do not destroy my beautiful new Evo phone!!!!

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    Member Mr Triumph's Avatar
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    I ride a Motorcycle and having my phone in pocket isnt an option and since I dont use a GPS ,( EVO or any other) , so I dont have no use for a handlebar mount
    I need a case to keep it secure and safe .
    Thats my reason on why I should be a good candidate for this case .
    OH and PLEASE .

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    Junior Member rcbuentello's Avatar
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    I already coud have used the Innocase for my EVO 4G. I bought my phone (199.00)on a Monday and dropped the EVO 4G on a Wednesday. The dropped shattered the camera (replacement cost is $100.) and my spirit. At the time of my purchase there were no "protective" case. And the only case now is this cigarrette looking thing, black leather and is big and bulky. My replacement will arrive on July 12th, would be great is I could have a attractive and protective cover for my EVO 4G.

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    Member Carl_sprintdroids's Avatar
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    I need this case because I do a great amount of volunteer work, including search and rescue, and my EVO is a critical piece of communications in those events. Providing whatever protection I can for the phone obviously increases it's survivability.

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    Junior Member placebo473's Avatar
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    This case provides the best of both worlds: the best attributes of a hard case and a silicone one.

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    Junior Member hotrodjoe's Avatar
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    My evo needs a case so when my wife gets mad at me and throws my evo at me and hits my hard head it won't break! My evo needs a case so when I get mad at one of my employees and throw my evo by accident it won't break!!!! My evo needs a case when one on my kids act up and I can't catch them and I throw my evo at them and missed it won't break!!!!! All the above I am just kidding, but I do need a case for my evo because I do drop it from time to time.

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    Android Addict jak89's Avatar
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    I work construction and in the past i have lost a phone or two to the riggers of day to day work on the job. For me i always use a screen protector and a quality holster. That and the fact that i have been treating this phone like an infant baby. I have killed phones in the past by putting them in my back pocket and sitting on them. Case looks very durable but for me i have to go another route

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    Guest danDroid's Avatar
    We got some good reasons so far, keep 'em coming!

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