One of the HTC Evo 4G's biggest selling points is its front-facing camera. But what is that camera worth if there is no decent software to take advantage of it? That is what many Sprint customers have been asking, ever since they purchased their Evo 4Gs. Since the phone's launch, the provided video-calling software, Qik, had been riddled with problems, effectively rendering video-calling useless for some.

Thankfully, we should all be able to put these problems to rest, as recently, Qik has been updated to alleviate some of these crippling bugs. Included in the newest version 3.54 are connectivity improvements, improved performance in low-network conditions, and most importantly, SMS verification is no longer required.

Another change, perhaps for the worse, is that video archive is no longer available to your Qik account. We are not sure why this feature was nixed, but it seems that there will be a user choice in future releases.

Here is an excerpt from Qik Blog, that goes into the improvements in more detail:

Connectivity issues improved: In certain network conditions, there were issues where it would take a long time to get connected and initiate a chat session. We have made changes to the way the connection is established to make it significantly faster than before.

Better performance in low network conditions: When the network bandwidth fluctuated below a certain threshold, sometimes the video would not flow both ways. With this update we now adapt to these conditions faster and more gracefully, enabling the 2-way video to perform much better.

SMS verification no longer necessary: With this update, we no longer send you an SMS to verify your phone number. So, if you have been waiting for your SMS to come through – you don’t have to wait anymore. Just update your client to this version and you’ll be all set.

Video chats are not automatically archived for playback: With this update your Qik Video Chats are no longer automatically archived to your account on, and we will be adding additional user controls for this much-requested feature in subsequent releases.

So, go on ahead – download “Qik for HTC EVO 4G” this version from the Android Market, give it try and keep sending us your feedback at
So, has anyone noticed these improvements? Are you still having with Qik, even after the update?

Via Phandroid
Source Qik Blog