We are excited to announce the winner of the Seidio HTC EVO 4G Innocase Active Case contest and the winner is... Swing Chop

The reason his HTC EVO 4G needed Seidio's new Innocase Active case was:
After two tours in Iraq doing heavy construction I've beat up and broke down many of my toys. With all the waterproof/dustproof research and equipment that I've bought to survive the grinding blowing torrential silt; I have a fair amount of experience on what electronics I want to take to the sandbox. So when the EVO came out I knew that it fit everything that I was looking for in a toy and tool for my job.

It is a solid body with very few orfices for particles to get into. The solid body being the most important to me because of springs and glides between objects when obstructed by sand beg for imminent failure. When its hot enough during the days doing construction for sweat to slosh out of your boot, you know you pockets are fairly moist. Music is essential for the day to go by when you are sitting on hot steel using a cutting torch for twelve hours. No phone, camera, thumbdrive, laptop is fullproof from this climate; buy why can't I try?

This is my first phone that does more than do calendar functions, take pictures and make phone calls; this is truly so much more. I will put this case to the test, it will be more brutal than most peoples wallets have endured. IF it can survive me but not you; then you should have a show on The Discovery Channel about getting dirty.
Thanks to everyone that participated in this last contest. Like always, it was a very touch decision picking a winner! If you didn't win this time, don't worry! We'll be launching another contest very soon.

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