Previous attempts at fantasy football apps for Android have been abysmal, to say the least. However, that is all about to change. Yahoo!, the world's most popular fantasy sports site, is planning to bring a Fantasy Football app to Android in time for the 2010-2011 season. Fantasy Football nerds...ahem... fans rejoice!

The official Fantasy Football app will provide real-time stats (and points) updates and full roster management. Aside from these features, we're not sure what else to expect... yet. However, this is a great start. I'm certainly excited, as I don't need to be glued to my PC on a daily basis to mess with my roster and check the standings.

I'm extremely pleased with Yahoo's openness toward Android. Just recently, Yahoo! launched Mail, Messenging, and Search on the Android Market, and now with an official Fantasy Football app, it is nice to see Yahoo fulfilling the wishes of its customers. Anyone else stoked about some Fantasy Football on your phone?

via Phandroid
Source Yahoo!