Payment changes are coming to Android by September, according to Google's Tim Bray. In a short blog post, Bray outlined these changes, which he expresses will be beneficial to developers, and consequently, we believe users will benefit as well:

  • In Section 13.1, “authorized carriers” have been added as an indemnified party.
  • Section 13.2 is new in its entirety, covering indemnity for payment processors for claims related to tax accrual.
In layman's terms, this means that consumers will be able to purchase apps through their carriers' plan. So, what's the benefit? One word: convenience. Instead of paying via Google Checkout or PayPal, these changes will allow the purchasing of Android apps to be much more streamlined and easier for the consumer, who will no longer need to set up a third-party payment account to download paid apps.

Apparently, T-Mobile already allows its users to add the expense of paid apps to their bills, but with the new changes, all carriers will inherently have the ability to do so. This could mean increased sales for developers, many of which have had a hard time making that Android commitment, because of low sales figures (compared to the Apple App Store). Do note, these changes won't take place until 30 days down the road, so don't expect your carrier to provide this option until late August/early September.

What is everyone's thoughts on the new payment options? Will you stick to using your Google Checkout/PayPal account, or consider allowing your carrier to tack on these charges to your monthly bill? Let us know.

via AndroidGuys
source: Android Blog

Thanks to Shadez for the tip!