Rumors are only rumors, except when they're not rumors. Get it? This time around, it is in all likelihood that the Epic 4G will be released on Sprint in "a few weeks", according to Samsung's official US Twitter account. We don't know the exact date for sure, but our gut is telling us before September rolls around.

Not yet convinced? Well, on August 20th @ 4:30PM EST, Samsung will be showing off the Epic 4G on its technical live website. What is the significance of this? Samsung did the same for its Vibrant and Captivate models immediately following their launches. So, the Epic 4G could even be released prior to the 20th of August. This Hummingbird-packing smartphone with 4G capability and a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard, surely won't disappoint the tech geek within. Now, only if we can get some news on Verizon's Fascinate...

So, anyone planning to purchase an Epic 4G? Let us know. And While your waiting, be sure to check out our Samsung Epic 4G Forum!

via Engadget
Source: Samsung TV, Twitter