Up until now, gaming on Android has been pretty much hit or miss. There are a handful of very good games but they are few and far between. Browsing the market for good games is an often daunting task due to all the crapware that bloats the market. Currently there is no quality control when it comes to apps, and it shows. It seems to me that 90% of the games on the market are just vehicles for the advertisements that earn the developers their coin. There is a lack of games from big(ger) name studios, and the ones that are there don’t always seem to be optimized for Android (which is probably because they are mostly iPhone ports). If you take a look at the iPhone, there really is no comparison when it comes to quantity of quality games. The iPhone has us beat by a long shot.

Not for long.

OpenFeint, the gaming social network that has brought tons of great games to the iPhone has made the leap to Android, and they are bringing with them some awesome games. Already we have Fruit Ninja (ridiculously addictive) and Mini Squadron (my new favorite game) and a handful of others that show a much higher level of polish than what we are used to. Over the next few months and into the future, they plan on releasing some of the best iOS games on Android. Aside from just the games, OpenFeint brings a social network to Android allowing gamers to post high scores, achievements and friend each other. Another exciting feature that OpenFeint brings to the table is cross platform gaming, meaning Android users can now compete against and beat iOS users in every game that bears the OpenFeint logo.

With OpenFeint now on Android, and the recent tech demos from Epic, and id Software’s job posting, it's obvious that developers are starting to see Android as a viable gaming platform, and I think it is safe to say that we are going to start seeing amazing games in the not to distant future.