Well ladies and gentlemen Firefox has decided to release a new mobile web browser. With some cool features, still beta form so don’t get too happy. One of the great features of the new browser is Firefox Sync, with this you can take all the data you have inputted on your device or computer and won’t have to retype it again on your other device or vice versa. For more on that feature and your browser specifically check out Mozilla Services. Like other mobile browsers it is equipped with, pinch to zoom, and Awesome screen which is an easy way to view your history and tabs and things of that nature. This also opens the gate for developers to build faster more powerful applications that access and use the web.

I don't know how well this is going to be that’s why they make betas but since it’s Firefox I think it doesn't hurt to try.

Video of team:

Full press release:
Firefox 4 beta 1 for Android and Maemo Release Notes

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