Sprint has characterized LTE as an amplifier for their WiMAX network. Dan Hesse states "Our 4G strategy is WiMAX, full stop!" to GigaOM, meaning they will be focusing on WiMAX as a full force. Adding the LTE network to their arsenal is on their list but, not right now.

Dan also dropped another hint, “We have so many spectrums that we decided to do tests so in case we have multi-modal phones with other air interfaces, we can add LTE on top of WiMAX and run both networks". Now we don’t know what this means exactly but it WiMAX and LTE on the same phone? It might be amazing. We will see how this all plays out.

Dual mode cell phones sounds like a great idea. Go Sprint!
Thanks Engadget great find.

Sprint CEO claims WiMAX is here to stay, says Clear's LTE trials were for potential multi-mode phones -- Engadget