eWeek's top 10 reasons Android can't touch iOS

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Thread: eWeek's top 10 reasons Android can't touch iOS

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    eWeek's top 10 reasons Android can't touch iOS

    The internet loves lists. Lists about the top 10 this, pro's vs con's, etc. When a topic is hot, this type of discussion seems to happen near constantly. So it's no surprise that we've seen our fair share of iPhone vs Android lists. eWeek has decided to tackle the latest iteration of this list with a "top 10 reasons" why Froyo can't touch iOS 4. While we may not agree with the list sometimes it can be helpful to read it and at least learn from it and see what we might be able to do better in the Android world.

    Some of their main points (such as the fact that Apple understands customers better) are a bit off in our opinion. Either way here are their top three reasons and you can follow the link below for the rest.

    1. Google isn’t so big on software - Google’s real plan with Android is to dominate the mobile advertising space. It fully realizes that the best way to achieve that goal is by doing whatever it can to capitalize on the desire for touch-screen smartphones with the help of Android. That’s precisely why Google offers its operating system for free. But due to that focus on eventual mobile advertising dominance, Google falls short compared to Apple on software design.

    2. Apple understands consumers - Apple understands what consumers want and how they will use a particular product. That comes through in all the products the company sells, including its iOS platform. Google, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand consumers as well as it could. It’s certainly doing a better job than most companies, but it still has a long way to go to match Apple. In fact, Google’s consumer understanding seems to be more Microsoft-like than Apple-like. And that could be a problem -- especially for its operating system—going forward.

    3. Multitasking - Multitasking on iOS is a key reason why Apple has enjoyed such success in the mobile market as of late. For years, consumers were hoping for true multitasking. But for years, the company made no promises. But in iOS 4, multitasking is running on the iPhone. Because of that, Google has a long way to go to match anything Apple is currently offering.

    (Source: eWeek.com)

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    Just read the article and the article is so opinionated. Yes the points on ios4 being smooth and itunes integration and all the apps are good points. But who cares about apps or itunes plus multitasking works better on android when it comes to running all third party apps. Also smoothness depends alot on processor. Either way I have used both ios and android os and I stuck with android for alot more important reasons than apps and itunes. The only thing apple makes that blows anything else out of the water is their computers. Mac beats windows hands down. Either way we'll see who's on top in the next year or 2.

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    Apple has been making products that consumers buy for 30 years. Google has been making products for about 1/10 of that time. The advantage better go to Apple on that issue.

    Don't kid yourself, Google knows what customers want. Their ability to deliver it is a different story. Google doesn't have a huge market research department, or large hardware and software development teams. They threw the task of software development to the masses. Thus Google gets the resources, then on top of it gets to see what "the community" wants to build. I fully anticipate that Google will start driving development more once they are convinced they understand the market.

    One recent trend I noticed is that Apple's iphone market share is going down while Android's is going up. But Android isn't taking any significant portion of what Apple is giving up. That share is being gobbled up by RIM (Blackberry) which has been doing some pretty aggressive advertising lately, and may very well have a good new product or two (don't follow Blackberry so I don't know what they offer.)
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