The battle of the networks is here and the only company missing is Verizon. After T-mobile began its claim for being the largest 4G network in America, many network operators were not too pleased, and Sprint is one of them. They said T-mobile is false advertising themselves, because they (Sprint) truly are the only 4G network out in the woods, and T-mobile should stop playing dress up with a fake 4G network.

This claim is very true since T-mobile’s 4G is not actually considered 4G; more like 3.5G, but with the speeds they get, I guess you can consider them 4G. AT&T also called foul play on T-mobile’s part, and their claim stands except for the fact the HSPA+ network AT&T is claiming to have only works with their USB modem that very few own.

In our case, we have two great devices that can run on our WiMax network and we are considered true 4G… Not just 4G by speeds.

“Halloween is over, it’s time for T-Mobile to stop dressing up like their favorite super hero – Sprint 4G.”

Now doesn’t that sound like a hot battle of words or what? I am excited to see what Verizon will say about it, or are they keeping quiet until their LTE network comes into the market.

News via: Phandroid (Phandroid )