Anytime something is offered for free on the Internet there is a rush for people to sign up and a feeling of elation... followed shortly by the feeling that you have a snowballs chance in hell of actually getting one. That's not the case with the Google CR-48 Netbook. Besides the fact that they are making 60,000 of the things in their initial run - they seem to be doing a great job at selecting random joes - not just dev's to receive the device.

This makes a lot of sense though as the operating system needs to work for random joe's and non-programmers alike so why not get it out there to a selection of both.

On the site alone we've seen at least 5 unrelated individuals receive the laptop in the first couple of days. We've got welcome threads of these people here, here, here, here and even some videos here.

So keep your chin up, you've got a good chance at getting one. I'm not going to say that by being an active member at the Chrome OS Forums will increase your chances at one -- but seeing our member success rate -- it can't hurt! (Register Here)