Sprint along with HTC have released a new update for the Evo4G device on their network. Now before you ask, No! It does not include anything with the name gingerbread, but most say FroYo is still a good middle point. The update is mainly to update some software, and add some crapware you might not want but will have to deal with on your device. Now not all the software is bad, along with the crapware comes a Blockbuster and Kindle apps, a new Scan Now widget that seems to assist with locating a 4G signal. The other nice part of this update is the inclusion of SWYPE, the new kind of text input method that for some time Evo users had to use the beta, but now comes with their device.

If this update suits you, check in your settings and give it a go.

News via: Engadget (EVO 4G gets new firmware update: lots of app refreshes -- Engadget Mobile)