We have heard quite a lot of rumors on the new Sony Ericsson play station phone, but this is the first one that gives us an ETA. This piece of information was leaked by Pocket-lint who say their trusted source has information pointing at an April launch date for the new Android powered gamer phone. This informant says the device will not be announced at CES this year, but rather at MWC in February and then held for an April date that is yet to be confirmed. The leaker also says the pictures are quite accurate, and that we weren’t miss lead by previously revealed information. I might also add that he utters the device will be called the Xperia Play.

I personally am not the biggest fan of the idea that my phone will always have a game pad rather than a keyboard that changes to a gamepad (like Motorola did with previous morph devices), but I will keep an open mind with this concept. What do you guys think about all this? Might this device ever make it to your pocket next to your keys, or do you have similar feelings about the concept as myself.

News via: GSMArena